About us
DK Accounting Associates, llc
DK Accounting & Bookkeeping Associates, llc was founded back in 1986 and we are still growing. What our company offers is bookkeeping and accounting services at a very reasonable price. Are you looking for an accountant and/or bookkeeper that is reliable, dependable,100% guaranteed accurate and detailed? We save many businesses alot of money because of our cost. A lot of businesses are outsourcing their accounting and bookkeeping work because it is costing them more money to hire an employee to sit in-office and do the work which we are finding out that most just bookkeepers do not know or have an understanding of the full GAAP regulations. They pay these employees an hourly rate (most at $20.00 + an hour) to do limited work for them and know nothing about business taxes and that leaves the owners to do the rest and taking away from what is more important which is making their profit margin better and growing their business. With outsourcing accounting and/or bookkeeping you don't have to pay extra employee taxes (falls on the outsource company). You don't have to pay them holiday, sick, overtime, leave of absent, maternity leave, bonuses, bereavements pay, etc. We charge a low monthly fee which will actually astonish you which doesn't even add up to a month's pay for an in-office employee. If this interested you in any way, then please reply to the form on our site or email us at [email protected]  with the list of accounting and/or bookkeeping work you need done and we will be please to send you a proposal with the cost. Again, we promise you will totally be astonished on the cost. 
Why Us
  1. Over 30 years of experience
  2. Qualified and Accredited Staff Members
  3. Friendly and Reasonable Rates
  4. High client satisfaction
  5. All deadlines will be met
  6. Complimentary no-obligation first meeting
  7. Free quote in advance - no nasty surprises